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How to Apply Everyday Makeup

Many people want to use hints to hide stains or simply improve the beauty of nature. If you start today, make-up can be difficult. It is very easy to know which products to use and which controls are complicated and outdated. You can reduce your business by taking small steps.

Prepare the face

Start with a very clean face. The first part of the process is to empty the face. Use soap to wash water, soap and heat to wash your face slowly. If you wash your face in the morning and your face is clean, it will certainly appear at this stage.

At the end of the day it is more important to keep your face free. Always remove make-up before going to bed. You can leave tonight to respond to the litter and eliminate acne. Many dermatologists recommend using a disposable peelable fabric to remove make-up.

Apply sunscreen and moisturizer If you want to send all day, use sunscreen. Because your lips are easy to release, use products that are specially designed for the general public. This makes make-up difficult. Once your skin is dry and flaky, do not forget to massage the moisturizer on your bed. Skeleton skin has a temporary mask, but it becomes clearer at the end of the day. If you need the same, use the sunscreen first.

Apply your face to your face. The self-study is useful. Submit your application. If you use make-up, use a primer for your skin. If you are at the base, this means forehead, nose, chin, cheeks.

If you are wearing an eyeliner or eyeshadow, apply a small primer to the lower eyelid and the eyebrows. Normal premature stimulation mainly plays a role on this site. However, there are also weak primers that are specifically designed for eyelids.

Put the base

Please choose the correct one. There are different types of funds, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Liquid matrix is ​​another popular choice because there are some solid substrates.

Finding the right basis can be a problem. You want to match your natural skin color. For skin itching, “soft” and “skin sensitivity” please.

In addition, the quality of the road is important, so you can not test your mistakes and make mistakes. Choose a new basis and talk about cosmetics in a cosmetics or cosmetics store. They give you free make-up. Choose the perfect color for your complexion and understand the amount of food you feel on your skin. I did not want to buy anything that day.

Application base. A thin, even layer that smoothes and smoothes the skin. The way you use money depends on the type you choose.

For a liquid or creamy bottom, add a small doll to the center of the face (like the nose) and take it out. You can use your finger, basic brush or makeup sponge. Do not massage the skin floor to add conditions. Use soft, smooth movements instead when you pull on the canvas.

Hard base comes from tube or stem. To do this, you can use your fingers to hold the product, use it as a liquid, or use the lid directly on the skin. When you merge the skin directly into the skin, you get better coverage, but thicker layers are created.

What type of foundation do you want to use? It is very important to add cosmetics to make it natural. Use a small circular motion around your choice to soften your skin.

Adding externally to the problem area. For example, if you have an irregular area under your mouth or black circle, you can hide this as a mystery. Add a little bit to this area and combine your skin with the same standards you use for the base station.

Choose one to hide it as a base. However, unlike foundations, it is best to choose people who are hidden in one or two shades instead of the natural color of the skin. Because it is inaccurate, you can test your collection with your fingertips to refine your selection.

Wipe with clear powder. If you use the floor, you often have to drink dust. You can improve your fertility, prolong your pregnancy and prevent your tax revenues. Use a brush to apply clear powder to your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

Add a color

Apply pink or bronze color. Pearls and brass are tinted powders designed to improve skin. The purpose of flushing is to give a healthy red cheek and the sun is to protect the skin from kissing the sun. The same can be applied to the cheeks, but you can also use a bronzer for your nose, chin and forehead. Apply one or both (or both) to the skin using a round makeup brush.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a sunscreen or rose for different types of makeup. Please choose the middle color of copper. It is slightly darker than the natural shade of the skin. Combine the color of the candle with the red color. For light skin tones, look for carnations and ears. Red is usually good for skin – remove red, pink, apricot or berries. Dark skin is most commonly used in dramatic colors such as raisins, red bricks and mandarins. Cosmetics can look very bold every day, but with dark skin, the color is clear and neutral.

Some people broke check boxes using colors. If you follow this path, you will need at least 2 tons of color. One is lighter than the natural skin and a little darker. Use a clean makeup brush to add a thin layer to the cheek. Then follow the dark shadows below. Use the brush to add it to the rest of the make-up to look natural.

Apply the tutorial. If you do not leave the area of ​​the eye, you should do it before asking for shadows. Put a few pounds on your eyelids with your fingers and massage anywhere on the dome. You can use the same primer that you use for your entire face or a special primer for your eyes. When using the first part, inspect the package to protect it from snow.

Please select the color of the eye shadow. At first, you need at least two colors. Think about what you want. There are three general options for eye shadow.

Of course, many people lose consciousness with this expression. Please select a color next to your skin color. Use neutral eye shadow palettes such as photographs, olives, light brown and / or chocolate.

If you look in the cloudy eyes, you can clearly see the makeup. But now it is very popular when many people stop it with daily cosmetics. Use a pallet with dark brown coal. Avoid correct eye shadow because it is difficult to work with black.

Colorful Perspective. Good. Choose what matches your favorite color or eye. Use dark or yellow shadows.

First, use the lightest eye shadow. This will be your main color. Set your base on your forehead, as you want, because of your age or age. Please use makeup or brush.

Apply a dark eye shadow to the eyelids. Cover your eyelids and stay in front of your eyes. Start with the lash line and remove the shadow of the eye. Use the same “round” bike, please use the floor and mix with the original color.

Use a short eyeliner for eyes. You can use eye pencils, eye brushes or liquid diapers around your body. [15] Use dark chocolate or dark chocolate. If you look gorgeous, you can use dark shadows in your eyes.

Start by marking the line. Start at the corner of the eye and point to the nose.

Configure an advanced video connection. When making eye make-up, focus on the last eyelid. It takes longer to wrap the eyelids. For best results, make sure the curves on the underside of the eyelids remain on the line. Then put the towel in a towel. You can still use the mask on the eyelashes to squat and iron.

Add color to your lips or gloss. You should choose the natural color and color of your lips like the shadow of your eyelids. People who make up every day like to walk neutral pink and brown. It is close to the natural color of the lips. Others want to add red lipstick or classic red plums. Others, however, usually avoid color and use only definite lips or lips. You have to decide what works best for you.

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