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How to Choose Concealer

How to Choose Concealer

Choose Concealer

Figuring out what the basics and colors are right for you can be very scary. How to Choose Concealer, The range of products in the market is very wide. Sometimes a product that looks like a perfect match in the store looks different when you get it at home. The key to choosing a foundation and concealer is to know what your skin does. Once you’ve figured it out, choosing the best place will be easier.

Identify Undertone Skin

Identify the difference between thinning skin and shading the skin. Your style is the true color of your skin, right below the surface. Exposure to sunlight, rosacea and acne can change the color of your skin, but the changes have not changed.

Examine the nerves under your wrist. Look at the roots – what are their colors? Blue is universal, so you need to determine whether your blue veins lean toward purple or green in appearance. Be sure to do this with natural lighting, as artificial lighting can change the color.

Consult your jewelry collection. What do you have – gold jewelry or silver jewelry? If you often choose gold jewelry because it looks softer to you, you may have a warm hope. If you still lean on silver jewelry because it looks like your compliment is better, you might have a cool hope.

Wrap a white towel around your face to check your skin. Look closely – do you see a certain color? White towels will make attachments easier to see. This is only effective if your glass absorbs natural light, such as light bulbs that can interfere with skin behavior and create deceptive green.

Select the Foundation Shade

Your skin is clean and moist. Sweat, sweat and dead skin cells can interfere with your skin’s basic way of life. By exfoliating and moisturizing it first, you expose your skin to receiving and accurately reflecting the underlying shade.

Wear white and make sure you try the makeup with good lighting. Wearing other colors may reflect how you see your skin tone, so be sure to wear white when you try the color. Always use good lighting and try to use more than one light source to ensure consistent shade.

The first one matches your skin style. Most brands will recognize complementary practices on product labels, so check them out. If you’re considering a brand that doesn’t provide the information you have, there are some keywords that you can look for that will give you some clues.

Match the color of your face, neck and décor. The neck tends to be bright, and the face and décor are often darker as they are exposed to sunlight and elements. Although all 3 do not correspond to each other, there will be dominant shades covering most areas. Choose the basic shade that looks closest to the dominant shade.

Try 3 different colors to compare. Shade shades generally fall somewhere in the broad spectrum of fair, simple medium, medium, deep, deep and deep. Even if you think you know your shades, try 3 different ones for comparison. Choose the one that best suits your skin color.

Select Shade Concealer

Go 1-2 colors lighter than your skin tone to neutralize dark areas. The purpose of concealer is to release skin tones by targeting small areas, so check your face carefully. The common problem area for many people is under eye contact, due to the development of dark circles. Go 2 lighter colors to hide dark areas should be really maximum.

Match your foundation exactly to hide on the other side of the face. The areas of redness and skin problems are most covered by masks that match your skin tone / tone. If you have difficulty matching it properly, go for a neutral yellow net with a faint yellow shade. This looks good when applied anywhere on the face.

Adjust the shade of your choice to suit the season. Most people tend to have slightly darker skin tones in the summer, so you may need 2 shades – one your summer tones and one your winter tights. In the fall and spring, you can mix it with the conveyor for a perfect mid-shade.

Go for 1-2 lighter colors than your skin tone to highlight.  To highlight, you need to apply 1-2 lighter shades of skin tone to your natural light-absorbing face area – the top of the cheek bone, under the eyebrow arch, in the middle of the nose and Cupid bow .

Go 1-2 colors darker than your skin tone for contouring. To get involved, you need to apply a 1-2-color darker concealer to your skin tone in the natural facial cavity – just below the cheeks, along the jaw line and in the temple near the hairline.

Fix specific damage with color correction. The founder came in a colorless flesh tone. Its use is based on the basic theory of colors that contradict each other in the color wheel to cancel each other out. For example, green goes straight through red to the wheels, so you can use a green pen concealer to neutralize redness.

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