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How to Choose Concealer

How to Find the Perfect Concealer

How to Find the Perfect Concealer

Figuring out which basic colors and colors are right for you is daunting. The products on the market are very versatile. Sometimes products that seem to go well in stores may look different when you takeout.

The key to choosing foundation and concealer is knowing what your skin does. Once you’ve figured it out, you’re going to Choosing the best place will be easier.

Identify Undertone Skin

  • Identify differences between thinning skin and skin shading. Your style is your true skin color. Under the surface, exposure to sunlight, Rosacia and acne can change the color of your skin, but the change doesn’t change.
  • Check the nerves under the wrist. Look at the roots – what color? Blue is universal, so you need to consider whether your blue line is leaning towards purple or green. Be sure to do this with natural light, as artificial light can change color.
  • Consult your jewelry collection. If you usually choose gold jewelry because it looks younger than you, then you might have warm hopes. If you still rely on silver jewelry because it seems like your compliments are better. So you have good hopes.
  • Use a white towel wrapped around your face to check your skin. Look closely – do you see a particular color? A white towel will make attachments easier to see. This only works if your glass absorbs natural light, such as light bulbs, that can interfere with skin behavior and create a deceptive green color.

Choose a Primer Shade

  • Your skin is clean and moisturized, sweat, sweat and dead skin cells can disrupt the basic lifestyle of your skin. Exfoliating and moisturizing skin first allows you to get and accurately reflect the shades underneath.
  • Wear a white dress and be sure to try on makeup with good lighting. Wearing a different color may reflect the color of your skin. So, be sure to wear white when you try the color. Always use the right light and try to use more than one light source to ensure consistent shadows.
  • The first one matches your skin style. Most brands know the supplementary practices on product labels, so check it out. If you’re considering a brand that doesn’t provide the information you have, you can use the There are some keywords that you can find that will give you some information.
  • The neck tends to be bright. Faces and decorations often darken when exposed to sunlight and elements, although the three are inconsistent, but they have distinctive shades covering most of the area. Choose the base shade that is closest to the main shade.
  • Try 3 different colors to compare. Shades generally fall somewhere in a wide spectrum of medium, medium, deep, deep, and deep, although you think you know your own shades, try using three different shades to compare them. Choose one that best suits the color of your skin.

Select Ched Concealer

  • 1-2 colors brighter than your skin tone to neutralize dark areas The purpose of the concealer is to release skin tones targeting small areas, so please check your face carefully. Common problem areas for many people are under eye contact due to the development of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Match your foundation to cover the other side of the face. Most redness and skin problems are covered by masks that match your skin tone/tone. If you’re having problems pairing correctly, select a light yellow-medium yellow mesh. Looks great when applying anywhere on the face.
  • Adjust the shades you choose for the season. Most people tend to have slightly darker skin tones in summer, so you may need two shades: summer tones and winter tights. In autumn and spring, you can mix it with a conveyor belt to achieve the perfect neutral shade.
  • To emphasize, you need to apply 1-2 shades of brighter skin tone to the face area that absorbs natural light – the top of the cheekbones, under the arch of the eyebrows, in the middle of the nose and cupid’s itch.
  • 1-2 darker colors than your skin tone for cont tours. You need to apply 1-2 darker concealers to your skin tone in the natural facial cavity – under the cheeks, along the jawline, and in the mantab near the hair mite.
  • Fix specific damages by correcting colors. The founders came in colorless flesh tones. Its use is based on the basic theory of conflicting colors in the color wheel to refact each other. For example, green directly passes red to the wheel, so you can use a green pen concealer to remove redness.

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