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How to Look Beautiful in 10 Minutes

It seems that you are 10 minutes late. But if you act quickly and prioritize your daily work, there is no reason to look really beautiful without leaving your home. You will be amazed at how quickly you can see and feel consciously, for a limited time.

It looks great when you wake it up

Fake bath. If you only have 10 minutes, you do not have time to shower, but you have time to lie. Wipe the face quickly and wipe the body with a cloth to remove the unpleasant smell. Cover the body with lip balm, mask the smell and moisturize the skin. If you are still worried about perfume, spray your favorite perfume in the air and sponge it to let the skin smell.

dress. Rapid dressing should not cause stress. Choose clothes that are easy to wear and elegant and luxurious. Put on black clothes for elegant look and quick stitching. If you do not feel black, wear clothes. You do not have to worry about things because clothes are just elements.

Clean your hair. If you are late, you can loosen your hair or straighten your hair without having to wind your hair. If you do not have the best hair in the world, you can lift your hair. Depending on your mood, wrap your head in a soft pipe or look for dirty notes. Role You need a real shirt or sock. Lay your hair on a high tail and stretch stockings or bread. Remove the socks along the hair so that all the hair is in place. Adjust the socks using the pins.

Please take a moment to decide. If you have a colored pencil, pass the toothpick through the eyelids, lips and cheekbones and mix. This will give you a new face that turns pink. If you have light eyelashes, remove the pencil and apply mascara.

Your Makeup Only 10 Minutes

Clean my face. Start with a clean, dry face. Face massage will reduce swelling quickly and remove excess moisture. Apply a moisturizer to the face and neck, use a moisturizer in the middle of the face and remove the cream.

Use liquid markers. Soft squid is used to increase the size and light of the face and can be used quickly. There are streaks on the face between the eyes, beard, nose, forehead, and the lower part of the nose and the upper part of the mouth. Draw a series of diagonal lines below the eyes and on the cheeks of the eyes.

Hide all effects. Use a concealer and a concealer brush often used to decorate your nose and other parts of your face with reds or discolorations. If you are very tired or have a tendency to rinse your eyes, wipe the eyelids off your eyelids.

Apply the powder and make it white. Apply the flour to your personal makeup. Do not stain your face and leave the marker in a strategic position that does not use it. Add some fumes after using the powder. Red should be used as a red brush and applied to the tibia.

If you have time to add more services, please make a regular makeup program. Add mascara or lipstick. Use it now to use eyeliner. At this time, your skin should be pink and juicy. So keep your makeup so that you do not avoid pure beauty. It is best to make a statement on one side of the face. So if you add mascara and eyeliner, avoid lipstick. If you touch your lips, make sure your eyes are empty.

It would be nice if you were lazy

Skip the make-up and use a tan. The Bronzer is a great way to feel like coming back from a tropical resort and is easy to apply quickly. Use fan brushes to apply forceps to wrinkles in cheekbones, hair, nose, and eyes.

Use an empty pencil to draw an eyelid. If you want to get up early, pass through the inner eyelids with a new pencil. Make sure the line is too thin and tip pressure is minimum.

Build your night. If you know there is not enough time and motivation in the morning, you will strengthen night treatment. Use a moisturizing mask to keep your skin fresh and fresh in the morning.

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