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How to Feel Pretty

How to Feel Pretty

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Only you can decide that it is really fun. What we need is to change your mind and increase your self-confidence and self-respect. How to Feel Pretty And yes, it is not easy to do that.

Be Beautiful Inside

Understand your compassion. This is the most important step to feel the sweetness. You must understand that your beauty comes from you, not from outside. But you have to practice this feeling.

Make a list of all good things about you. This includes things like eating, listening to friends or helping you do your best. Every morning when he wakes up, he goes to the bathroom mirror and laughs at himself and speaks aloud. “I am ok” “I am happy”. The more you talk, the more certain your brain will be.

Write a list of things that you think are good. Maybe you have big brown eyes, a nice nose or full lips or big laughs. If you can not find anything, ask a friend or family member. If you start to think negatively about yourself, remember your list.

Stop the negative on the way. Negative thinking makes our brain believe in a negative state. If we think we are ugly, our brains will know for sure. I have to convince my brain that this idea is not right.

When you start thinking negatively, give it a name. Example: “My nose is terrible.” I’m telling you. “I think my nose is disgusting.” This ensures that the idea is not yours. Remove negative thoughts. You are not your idea, but it can greatly damage your self-esteem.

Change negative thinking into positive thinking. Even if you do not believe in positive thoughts, you can deceive and believe your brains.

Have faith. Everyone has good quality, internally and externally, but it is important to understand that people are more than outward. It is a good idea to respect people (and themselves!). It is better to see things within because of physical attraction. Often someone with a more romantic partner will be better and more successful.

Do not think you have a romantic partner. Your pride and confidence depend on you and you. If you put too much dignity in the hands of others, you will not know the true certainty.

Are you suggesting suicide? You can control the image to highlight the most interesting functions. If you have less self-confidence, shoot and remember that it is cute!

Beautiful on the Outside

Change the appearance. Changing the shape gives you confidence and you can get out of the belt. It can be fun! Make-up free. Go to the makeup counters in your local store and ask them to try out the new colors. If you still carry plum color, you must inform the seller of the sale. This will tell you if the tint of your photo is not new. You come home with a new look on your face.

Wear clothing, make-up and accessories that give you confidence and trust. Clothing that makes you feel comfortable is better than clothing that is “in fashion” but not like that. Difficulties for yourself are displayed. Make sure your clothes are installed correctly. It is difficult for jeans to kick the bra or bra into the bra.

Make yourself happy. By offering relaxed time, you can help increase your self-confidence and relax in a positive atmosphere. Skin care. If you specify, you can see this. Make your skin soft in your own home.

It works well. Health is not only considered attractive, but it also means that the mind is healthy! This helps with depression and does not hurt. It is difficult to feel when you have a cold.

Laugh Make friends, remember fun events or watch your favorite comedy. Laughter helps relieve pain, helps you in difficult situations and improves your mood. Different water jets. Sunlight is known as the collapse of the main atmosphere. In fact, in northern European countries where the sun is hardly sunny in the winter, people receive a mild treatment to combat depression.

How to Make Yourself Beautiful

Interesting, friendly, polite and fun. The first person can respond to physical attractiveness, but research shows that they will reassess their perception of charisma on the basis of their personal characteristics. Listen to what they say. You do not have to write carpets to hear the stories of others, and people will see that you pay attention to your words.

Specify the reference assignment method. Do not forget that beauty really exists in the eyes of the public. Different cultural groups have different beauty criteria. The obsession with subtle things began in the sixties. People from magazines and films not only show you the whole army of beauty salons, make-up artists, light and photoshop, but of course you do not like it either. They do not look like them. How to Make Yourself Prettier


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