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How to Make Your Own Acne Treatment

How to Make Your Own Acne Treatment

Since acne affects many people, everyone has the most effective method for them, usually treatment. If you’re looking for something that can give you the desired result, try these recipes that have worked for others. Keep in mind that treatment at home is physically forbidden and should or should not give you the desired results!

Dwelling Remedy

Use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a well-known natural antifungal and antibacterial remedy that is ideal for delicate and sensitive pimples. In a study that evaluated the efficacy of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil was shown to be effective in fighting acne and reducing ulcers. [1] While benzoyl peroxide works faster than tea tree oil, tea tree oil has far fewer adverse effects in patients.

Make aspirin masks that can be crushed with a little cold cream. Uncover your face, wait 3-5 minutes, then rinse completely.

Use cold water. Fill an empty 3.8 L (1 gallon) jug with water and refrigerated for two hours. Pour the water directly into the container, then dip your face into the water for 25 seconds (5 dives, five seconds each). Repeat several times a day.

Eliminate acne by diluting 50% apple cider vinegar with 50% pure water. Once acne improves, beat it with a solution of 20% apple cider vinegar and 80% water. Don’t use cheap vinegar. Apple cider vinegar costs about $3-4 per large bottle at any supermarket (optional at natural food retailers). This will last for several months.

Apply alum to pimples. Potassium-potassium is often found in the aisles of some grocery stores. Although alum is widely used as a clean, hemosstatic deodorant (reduces bleeding after the background), alum is a pure antiseptic and astringent, meaning it shrinks the pores and tissues of the skin.

Try to get large blocks instead of the gunpowder type. The alum may be too strong. Slow down in the affected areas and be careful not to irritate or swell the pimples.

Minimize raw potatoes and apply them to the skin. Roll half of the raw potato and apply it over the grains. Raw potatoes heal and act as anti-inflammatories. Again, slowly rinse the skin with water after use.

Basic Suggestions for Treating Pimples

Use a pH-balanced cleanser since an optimal pH of 5.5 will restore the acid layer and prevent the spread of acne vulgaris.

Try not to blow up or blow up pimples. You are using a remedy for pure acne – it is beautiful. Don’t take away all the benefits by pressing the buttons. Short-term difficulties can also be very pleasant, but in the long term they are certainly not great. Acne is a bacterium that lives in the pores. Squeezing pimples allows pimples to widen pores and cross the skin into different pores, infecting them.

Wash your face twice a day, at least. Wash your face thoroughly: try to wash your face morning and evening. However, further washing of the face can cause further irritation, in which case it will not be necessary to dry the pores and skin. Washing your face over and over again doesn’t give you a better chance of curing acne.

To facilitate. Pores and skin are internal organs of the body, just like the kidneys. Like the kidneys, it must be replenished with water and moisture to function effectively. That’s where a moisturizer is available. Hydrate after each wash.

Very different pores and skin types require completely different moisturizers. Cream-based moisturizers can also be easier on pores and dry skin since they tend to become akin. Gel-based moisturizers are best for brightening pores and skin because they spread very evenly across all pores and skin.

Use sunscreen. It should be of a type that does not irritate the pores and skin, but at the same time protects against sunlight. Acne can get worse due to excessive exposure to the sun and sun, so this is a simple assumption. For higher pores and skin, use sunscreen.

Relax, exercise and relax in your life. These things may not be relevant to the quality of your skin, but the truth is that they are very important for the quality of your pores and your skin.

Coaching is a good way to put pressure on the point of sale. Simple and straightforward, it’s hard to say when we’re all underground. So do sports, take part in face-to-face sports or start walking on your own.

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