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how to choose skin care

How to Choose Skin Care

How to Choose Skin Care

In this article we will talk about the right ingredients and Treatments to make your skin look prettier. Smoother and younger

Study The Relevant Factors

Oily, dry, complex or sensitive skin type I want to buy a specific product of that type.

Consider Skin Problems

If you have skin problems such as wrinkles, melasma, acne, burrs You can buy useful products here. Itching or sensitive skin

The Allergies You Have

Read the ingredients of skincare products and avoid problems.

Decide How Much To Use

Skin care prices vary by brand. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good results.

Talk To a Skin Care Specialist

If you have a specific skin problem and don’t know the best way to treat it, consult a dermatologist.

Choose Products

  • Select a small amount first. First of all, I’m going Do not buy a small amount and apply it directly to the face. Try using different parts of the skin to see the reaction. Without bad reactions, it can be used more widely. so If you like this product, you can always buy more.
  • Choose exfoliating. Exfoliation is one of the pillars that uses the body’s amazing healing power to strengthen the youthfulness of the skin. The two main skin peeling products are microdermabrasion creams and glyco click acid cleansers. This is alumina, microdermabrasion cream is corrosive and should be purchased along with soothing oils such as jojoba and shea butter after each extraction. It is important to use good sunscreen after a week or avoid sun exposure.
  • Look for collagen for naturally reduced skin rejuvenation with age. There are no magic pills or creams that can change the collagen of your skin. The most frequently used “signal” peptide for this function in skin care is palmitoyl pentapeptide (Matrixyl.) Regular use of peptides can delay the watch for years. No side effects of peptides have been reported.
  • Find quality moisturizers. This is the last place you want to use a “on sale” product, but as mentioned above, it’s a good place to go. Above all, read the label carefully. However, as you get older, you’re going to have Natural energy destroys this important substance in your skin, so you need to replenish it.


If you have a weapon of skin care products on hand Thorough compliance with your prescription will give you youthful skin. As bright and soft as you’d like. The process you should use is: if you follow strictly, you will see amazing results within a couple of weeks.

In the morning, wash your face with high-quality skin cleansers, moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid, apply UVA/UVB sunscreen and Makeup.

Night: Peel off with 10% glycotic acid or microdermabrasion cream 2-3 times a week, depending on skin condition, rinse with clean water and apply multipeptide cream before bedtime.

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