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How to Apply Simple Makeup

Do not hide what you like, and improve the nature of nature with a simple makeup application. Simplifying the makeup application, we affirm that “less is more”. Use the minimum amount of basic makeup to balance the tonality and connect the problem areas. Apply makeup gently on the lips and cheeks to improve and improve beautiful objects.

Face preparation for make-up

Wash your face. Before applying makeup, you need to prepare a mask for your application. Gently clean the face to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and oil. Clean your face with a clean towel.

If the cosmetic stains remain, clean them with a cotton swab or a small washer impregnated with a cloth to remove the cotton. Avoid using facial cleansers containing exfoliants. Exfoliant does red skin.

Raise your face. Moisturizing cream softens and moisturizes the skin. Apply a moisturizing cream the size of a pea evenly around the contour of the face. Allow the humidifier to dry for about 5 minutes. If skin irritation occurs, avoid moisturizing aroma. Avoid moisturizing creams containing excess oil when the skin is naturally oily. Applying a moisturizer with oil can cause acne.

Start your face. The primer ingredients provide a soft base, gloss during the fight and retain makeup throughout the day. Apply a small amount of a pea-sized primer to the fingers. First on the brows and cheekbones on the nose. Use your fingers to evenly distribute the primer on the edge. Apply primer on face for a few minutes. This method of application gives a homogeneous and light primer, which, naturally, is based on the face. Soils are optional, as are all the products mentioned.

Create a natural and even skin color with gentle meditation.

Check the tonality of the skin. Uneven skin tones are caused by excessive pigmentation. Wrong skin tones are characterized by black spots, spots and freckles. Scars, especially acne scars and sun spots, are a sign of uneven skin tone. Pay attention to the irregular skin tone. If you use databases and proofreaders, take additional steps to solve these problems.

The application base can balance areas of excessive skin tone, redness, or warts. Apply only in areas that require coating for a natural and brilliant appearance. Use a base, makeup sponges or fingers to fill the main mixture of natural pigment.

Use of a concealer. Concealer is designed to solve problems that can not be solved, despite the basic principles. Clean the spice cleaner and spread it around the nose. Place many concealers under your eyes to hide dark circles. Touch the area of ​​the application with your fingers to mix the concealer. For a natural look, use a lighter concealer than your skin color.

Powder flour Powder helps prevent accumulation of oil and base. You can use a translucent powder or powder paint that exactly matches the color of your skin. Sprinkle your face with a large brush. Create a “W” on your face with a brush. Place the brush on the cheekbone, nose and cheekbones on the opposite side of the upper right corner of the hair line in the upper left corner of the hair line. Transparent powders are common and can be applied to all skin tones. Show light and improve the natural skin light.

Improves lips, cheeks and eyes

Catch your cheeks Choose bronze if you are fighting for a natural look. Choose a sweet and sweet rose as close to nature as possible. Apple and apple cheeses Mix the product with product drops with a natural rinse.

Apply eyelashes on the hedgehog and apply a thin layer of mask to the mask. Keep your eyes simple and clean. Wrap eyelashes before applying mascara. Apply a maximum of two mask layers to each tab using a thin mask. If you have natural black eyelashes, you can skip this step or bend your tabs.

Strengthen your lips in natural tones. Decorate the natural color of your lips with lipstick and / or lip gloss to get a simple look. Choose a rose, a peach or lipstick. Carefully place the lipstick on the lower lip and massage the lips. Apply a clean lip gloss. For a simpler look, skip the lipstick and apply a shiny tip.

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