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How to do makeup on a man

The trick is not just for women. Small cosmetics can improve function and keep flaws. Apply the bases to eliminate collisions and reduce collisions. Use the concealer to treat black circles and other defects. Use eye pencil and eyeliner to create a unique look. The key to using cosmetics is to use some cosmetic products to moisturize the skin and make it natural.

Mark and trace the face

Highlight the display area to be displayed. Liquid supporters make the important parts of the face clearer. Brush your eyelashes and wash your nose. Apply a diagonal line between the front. As the skin begins to soften and change, use the light movements to move and see.

Highlight another place. Between the lower and upper eyelids. Put a little bit on your nose and forehead. The attacker must match the color of the skin. For example, if you have soft leather, do not use a brown or orange damper.

Combine fingers with fingers. Massage with tap or shark. You do not need to use a lot of energy. Small parts like the nose can be easily removed from the fingers. For large areas such as the nose, gently brush the area marked vertically. Once completed, the attacker does not leave a clear line.

Use makeup to create face shapes. Apply the base to the point to burn. Always remove both sides of the nose for the nose. The black base should be positioned near the bright spot on the bridge of the nose. So the appearance of the nose will become thinner and more symmetrical.

Try to attract another place. Start with the eyebrows on one side of the head and lift the hair. Cheek also on the cheek in depression and bury it on the chin.
Your foundation must also improve your skin, but about two colors should be deeper.

Mix the base with your finger. Pay attention through the baseline. Get and rub on your skin. The goal is to soften the line so that the foundation is integrated and visible.

The shaded area based on the light. Pointed brushes can be used to use and mix the second layer using standard paint. Apply the brush on a pedestal, cotton or artificial sponge. Click on the area of ​​the brush you want to close. When you reach the nose, work from the ground and mix with your fingers. The light base should have two shades of skin color.

Dust concentration area. The powders can increase the color of the skin and the temperature of the heat and cause light. Put the pressed powder under a brighter shade of skin color. Use a brush to paint in the highlighted area.

Use copper to color your face. If you’re pale, the Bronzer will come in handy. Save the bronze color as a skin color. Use the brush and follow the contours created previously. Use circular motion to mix copper and illuminate.

You can continue to set up. Try mixing some hot flashes on your cheeks, nose, eyelids and chin. You can also use a pencil to paint spots and other beauty spots. It makes the skin natural and does not burn.

Dark circles and eyes

Try the oppressor in your hands. Find the strength on your wrist. Put a little concealer on the skin. If it fits your skin, it will keep its roots. The sprays used to cover your facial traces are natural for your skin. Men with oily skin should avoid creams and use sprayers. People with dry skin should not use the liquid exchanger.

The colors of the corrector can hide the spores by replacing the normal pen corrector. Use contradictory colors in the face. The orange color can be blue and blue circles and the green pigments can hide red scars.

Put a guard. Position the corrector near the block. You can use the concealer or use your finger or brush directly. Look in the mirror. Place a slight improvement on the dark edges. Do not forget to add a concealer pen to increase acne.

The main route of surgery is the same as the concealer, but does not correspond to facial hair. Avoid foundation and concealer instead of using facial hair.

Join the concealer with your fingers. Hold your hand and do not touch the broom. The tension rubs the cream on the spot. Make a gentle touch while working with a sick mouse. The sprayer is not good on your skin.

Fill your eyebrows.

Clear your eyebrows to take shape. Start in the middle of your face. Shoot with soft brush strokes. Keep doing this thin part. When you reach the end, remove the brush and finish the eyebrows. Loop is a small brush used for eyebrows. Brush looks like a mask, but be careful not to touch the brush.

Stop eyebrows on tweezers. You can remove loose hair. Bring your hair and pull one at a time. Try to keep your eyebrows away from what you want slowly. Take the time to get a glass and look at your forehead. The modified eyebrows are necessary to complete the facial structure.

Start in the widest part and complete the worst part. Keep your head constantly up and down your eyebrows. The structure of the face is very important. For example, in the case of a round face, the forehead is extended into the space between them. In the case of a square face, the eyebrows look a little crooked.

Fill with your eyebrow pencil. Press the eyebrow pencil clearly. See where your head starts bending over your head. Drag a small border to add color. For areas where hair is vertical, start under the eyebrow to soften the eyebrows.

Use gel gel to keep the hair in place. Immerse the gel brush. Again, your eyebrows are right. Slide the brush with the selected hairpin on your face. Return to your vertical hair and pull your eyebrows away.

Use eyeliner

Create a line under the card. Follow the eyes with a black pen. Pull slowly to draw a thin and flat line. You can also close your eyes and eyelids for a more visible look. If you want you can use gel or liquid eyeliner. They are harder to use and more expensive for beginners, but they will last longer.

Apply eyeliner with finger on eye. To remove David Bowie or Johnny Depp, you should rub some eyeliner. Slowly rub your eyes with your fingers. If the eyelids are colored, they become dirty. Do not worry about cleaning.

Put your eyes Develop your eyes. Take the eyelid pencil. Click on the pencil This extends from one corner to the other. You can customize your appearance freely. Add the eye shadow to the inner corners or close the black part with a shiny edge that closes it to make it brighter.

Make a skin care program

Wash your face with a peeled cream. Clean the dead skin cells and place them on your face. Make skin small. Do not rub, exercise slowly or in moderation. Then click your face with a towel. Use detergent at least twice a week. You often wash your face before going up.

Use toner to moisturize your skin. It can be filled with toner, so it’s easy to use detergent. Get a tampon or makeup. Dip a little toner and place the toner on your face. This prevents the skin becomes smooth and smooth.

Protects skin with SPF moisturizer. In the morning you can protect your skin from the sun in front of the humidifier. It can also be used to reduce wrinkles and other aesthetic signs at night. Find products with an SPF value of 15 or higher. Rub your face and neck

Clean your makeup at night. Always delete makeup while you sleep. Wash your face at night to make sure the pillow is uneven. Detergents help prevent facial makeup.

Put it on the edge of the balm. Lipstick can protect the skin and should be used every morning. Find a sunscreen that contains at least SPF15 to protect your lips from the sun. Do not use polishing or polishing. They look like women.

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