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How to Do Wedding Makeup

The wedding day of a woman is from the moment they play the girl on the playground for the dream, even the project. When the time really comes, you have to prepare and finish a lot. One is a perfect wedding makeup choice. This requires a few steps, how to prepare the skin with a brilliant look, how to decide who will do it, and how to take the time to test (or 2). This includes how to apply the right makeup that best suits your appearance. Start learning the details to reach your ultimate goal for your beautiful, beautiful bride.

Apply makeup

Preparing for the skin Regardless of your skills, use the refreshing lotion on your wedding day. Regardless of your routine, you do not have to make any changes. However, rub the skin with rubbing and avoid rough skin and choose a slightly exfoliating detergent. If you have disadvantages, skip Visine and leave it alone. Focusing on a clean and delicate palette, makeup should create beautiful, natural skin.

Let your skin color and voice choose the color of your makeup. Skin diseases have certain skin types, but make-up companies use their own terms to refer to the make-up color of the entire skin. They are not exactly the same. For example, a company makes it “clear” and readable, others call it “reasonable”. Therefore, it is best to consider “medium” to “deep” when determining the color of the skin color.

You have to know the basics. A lot has happened since the make-up began and the guests were welcomed. If you use foundation before you make make-up, you can dance, cry and sweep. A solution may be required from time to time, but this is less. In addition, the Foundation softens fine wrinkles and wrinkles to cover the pores.

Shelf base. People often think that the repair work is under way, but experts demand that the repair work be postponed. After application of the primer, it must be dried or fixed. One of the biggest mistakes that can occur during the make-up is that it does not take long to dry. Place the dryer in the most connected place if necessary, move it to your face and then move from one channel to another.

Add operations as necessary. Although the pedestal is designed to adjust the skin color of the skin, the logo is designed to hide elements such as dark circles and defects under the eyes. Massage the skin before use. To cover areas with red or shades, use a leveling brush to create a liquid concealer that is the same as or less neat than the skin part of the problem area. Then wipe the brush on the skin and apply a concealer. If the mixture is not mixed well, put the end of the cosmetic sponge in water and spread out the concealer.

Apply a text label, but stabilize it. Highlighter is not always on everyone’s makeup bag, our goal is to expand the number of facial features such as eyes and add a pretty young pink look. Excessive use or brocade or secret recipe is rather a small step, a flashing picture of the disaster. They are supplied in the form of liquid and powder.

Adjust the bases and scratch. In fact, you have two options. You can use pink cream instead of red powder or make a powder base. If you decide to use Loose Powder, first fix the base with a translucent powder and adjust the shine. Dust is one of the absolute moments. You will be light but not loaded. Use a medium-sized brush to gently wipe your forehead, nose, and chin.

If you use a soft outer powder or powder blush cream, make it slightly red. You can add more at any time. Put a redness on your cheekbones and throw it in your head. He does not want a pink nose, so he is not. Finally, make small marks on the bones.

Try to visualize your eyes with shadows and eyeliner. Wedding professionals usually recommend the handling of dark circles, but you can also choose colors to complement the logo and black, as well as pale or pastel eye shadows, eyeliner can see more eyes in the eyes. Snow Use a brown, gray and green eyeliner and highlight the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid. The shadow cream is preferably an ophthalmic cartridge, which takes longer and is used as desired for the eyelid. Use a wood under the eyes and eyebrows.

Put on mascara and make eyebrows. Waterproof mascara should be available because it can cry more than once. Also, if you do not use false eyelashes often, your wedding day is not the day you left. Instead, provide good players, mascara and slim mascara. Broadcast before encapsulation of the stream. Use mascara to move up and down the root of your eyelashes. Go black: good for everyone.

Create beautiful, lasting lips. Your lips should be completely soaked, so you can see this line after applying the color so that you face the skin before applying cosmetics and become a dry, cracked crack. To avoid this, use a lip balm and leave it for a few minutes before applying the color. Choose the right color for your blush and follow these tips. In addition, many new lipsticks last for hours, but choosing a lip brand is a better choice for a wedding day.

Choosing a wedding

Do not forget that it is not your wedding night. One of the biggest mistakes of a bride is makeup. The picture is very dark and smoky eyes, lipstick and many other basic layers are very clear. Like watching the ball, I do not want to start looking at wedding photos. There is an endless time. Leave your experience at other times and places. Unlike others, I want to look like the best version.

Make sure your makeup matches your hair and your clothes. Because your skirt can be white, so you need a little color to compensate for the lack of color. But if you do not want to use too many tricks, you may not want to use a wrong style technique. Your goal is a consistent vision that matches each element. Even if you do not get used to a particular style or make-up make-up, it does not mean that the hair and clothing are very beautiful.

Collect your favorite photos. Another mistake that often causes a couple to wait until the last moment. So start early. Get a wedding magazine and see what makeup you are using. If you want, rip the entire page and insert it into a file labeled “Trick.” Find other fashion magazines, browse photos online, print and find other publishers.

Imagine what you like and discover. Imagine the marriage you attended as part of the past. When you think of when you think of the bride, “wow, she’s beautiful!” I can not remember what kind of makeup you want, not even knowing what makeup tips will appear, but it’s good, not everyone’s dread. I will think of it as a compliment. Ask him if he is cheating. If not, who did it? If you have a makeup artist, please contact us by name and contact information.

Prepare your appearance at the wedding

Ignore your skin. If you do not care about your skin, it’s time to get started. A mask once a month brightens skin tone and brightens skin, making it a great foundation for makeup. Do not wash your face in the morning, do not wash your face at night and remove the day’s trick. To remove dead skin, remove it regularly and calm your skin. Drink a wet face with water. No matter how you try, you will not get the desired result if you apply cosmetics to dry the skin.

Decide who decides. I can do just as Kate Middleton did before I married Prince William. Or you can choose for a friend or a makeup artist. In this case, you can get recommendations from your friends. Otherwise, can it be recommended by Wedding Planner? You can ask your event coordinator for a wedding venue, go online, talk to the owner of the beauty salon, or create a hairstyle or hairstyle if you walk on this road.

Get ready for a marriage test. If you decide to make makeup from someone else, make sure you complete the exam at least one month before the wedding. Before this, you are ready to plan your marriage and better understand what you like. When you think you’re in the best position, take a picture, take a picture, take a picture or take a picture of the hair, or take a picture of yourself. All of these will help shape the shape of people who need and work with other elements.

Try yourself. If you do not know much about makeup apps, keep reading. You can browse the web, watch YouTube videos, visit department stores, find out who sells products in cosmetics stores, and find products that match your makeup style. Request free reprogramming. Hope you can buy some products. You can think of it. Exercise makeup with natural light to your desired product. Wear a white T-shirt and take a picture later.

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