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How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Sometimes, when I understand how much I can sit, it seems to me that I have many interpersonal relationships. A healthy and prosperous relationship requires giving and receiving. If you and your partner want to do something, they are certainly in your neighborhood. If you and your partner are right in the long run, it is worth it.

My own work

I am responsible for my happiness Remember that these rules can save you a lot of time. It does not depend on others to make others happy. In relationships, your partner will try to please you and make you happy. But in the end you are responsible for your own happiness.

Use your words well. Keep your promise If you say what you want, continue. Do not make lunch or a birthday present, so do not tell them to throw it away or forget it. That is why it systematically weakens confidence. Interpersonal relationships must develop.

If you do not remember anything, save them in your personal schedule or schedule and set reminders on your phone. Think what you say. If you do not keep your promise, do not promise your partner, it will not work.

Confirm your mistake. If you know that you have harmed your partner, do it yourself, regardless of whether you are interested or not. I sincerely apologize for excuses or reasons like “I’m sorry you’re mad at me.” He must take responsibility for his actions and not make others feel that he did it or not. guilty

Concentrate on changing the behavior. If you repeatedly apologize for the same error, increase the level. Tell your partner what you want to know about this error and stop. Ask for help and ask them to state this again.

The point of reality The relationship of each person is divided and the day of stay is not the easiest option. The reason why we enter into healthier relationships is not only the solution to these problems, the speeding up of problems and annoyance, but also the overcoming of difficult times. Solving the problem can increase your activity.

Check your expectations. Do you think that your partner is a person of high quality and a shameful person, or that someone expects superiority? If your expectations are so astronomical that no one can survive 100% of your time, you will build up your relationship with failure. Learn to accept the differences, because you can learn a lot from them.

Listen to your partner. Sometimes all partners want to hear and sympathize with one of their problems. In other cases, the partners want to actively advise. Determine what your partner is looking for and make sure he wants what he wants. A good listener watches what they say, instead of pouring.

Do everything to express your love. Knowing that you are loved and loved will be different. Sometimes, even if we do not show this, partners need to know that we love them. Do not believe too much The best relationships show love through feelings.

Be faithful, let them know that I am always with them. Introduce them to the best of your life. You can only see yourself, or you can never talk to someone else, but you have to know that she can always count on you. At the same time, we expect them to have the same loyalty. You have to feel the importance of this relationship.

Hide nothing from your partner. You think about your relationship with yourself – good or bad! This will allow you to overcome all difficulties and challenges. If what has happened in the past continues to influence you must understand it.

Give him some space. Everyone needs his personal data and his freedom, so he does not always do what he does. Everyone hates being watched, delivered and controlled.

Express your feelings for them. Always remind your partner what he means and what he means. Women are not the only ones who express love and feelings, and people need such expressions.

If you have a problem, you must warn them. It is best to speak calmly, quietly, without shouting or accusing. If your partner answers: “Is everything alright?” And the answer is yes, you should not expect them to understand that they really are not. Honest and open.

Encourage your partner. Encourage students to work / learn and succeed. It shows how much you give and trust. This makes you feel stronger and you find support.

Always pay attention to your partner and congratulate him. Thanks to that, they will be grateful. The partner wore new clothes or changed hair style? Tell them how much you love them. He will do it one day.

This simple sweet A “hello / beautiful” was the beginning of our wedding day. When I miss my child, I say words like “I will miss my child”. They certainly feel more love.

What should you do together?

Revive date of the night. It is important to continue the date, even if you fall in love for a number of years. In fact, it is very important for couples who have sufficient time and comfort. Try to meet more than once a month. Some couples prefer to meet once a week.

Practice to forgive. Forgiveness decided to let go of the past and concentrate at that moment. It is the management of the current situation. Because you have to give your partner as much as possible, if you ask for it.

Laugh with you. The safety of a smile like that of the other. Laughter can help the world to fulfill itself, and it can also be connected to you. Laughter helps the body to burn calories, increase blood flow, stimulate the immune system and lower blood sugar levels. Laughter can be interesting, contagious and aphrodisiac, as well as many things. Do not laugh.

Support each other Support is about making your happiness and satisfaction no matter how big or small this priority is. Remember: one of your most common reasons is that you are the most enthusiastic admirers of each other. So make sure you do it.

I spend time together. Take the time to share your priorities with your partner, even if you feel uncomfortable at first. Relationships should share the development of experience, and that proves that it is important for you to enlarge yourself.

Develop better communication. Most people are not born with excellent communicators. Almost everyone has to work hard. The way you talk to your partner may seem small, but you have to do it several times a day and it works.

Do not use references. Observe expressions such as “must” or “can not”. You and your partner are the same and you do not have the power to lead others.

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