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How to Apply Foundation

Do not worry if you want to lay the foundation for a natural foundation. This is a common problem. You must first rinse and use the moisturizer to prepare the skin. You can also add major modifications and hidden or color. When using a foundation, you have to start with a small amount and you want to paint the middle of the outer face of the connection. To ensure that you choose the right color and spend your time in the right way, make sure that the ground is flawed.

Prepare your skin and get started.

Wipe your face, cleanse your skin, remove dirt and grease, and remove facial fluid easily. Please choose the product that suits your skin type.

Healthy cleansing is treated with an anti-inflammatory that can soothe the skin, so use clean water to reduce flushing. Balsam is cleansed with an emollient and is ideal for moisturizing dry skin.

Choose a cleanser for oily skin. Calls and grounds remove excess grease from the pores. Use a cleansing gel to tie the skin, remove oil, and provide a soft moisturizer. Please choose milk for sensitive skin because it is low in moisture and nutrients.

Scrub and skin. Damaged or uneven skin can not be a good foundation. Use hydroxy acid exfoliant 2-3 times a week. Also, use toner for daily facials to keep your skin soft and comfortable.

Wipe the lotion. Everyone needs a moisturizer with SPF 15 or better on the skin before makeup. This protects your skin from harmful sun rays and looks brighter. If the skin is dry, please select a moisturizer. If your skin is smooth, choose a gel moisturizer.

If you choose a moisturizer without SPF, use an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen.

Add the key. The primer smoothes the skin surface and reduces the presence of pores. It also helps to attach to your skin so that you do not crash and dive all day long. You can choose cream, gel or powder. Apply the product to your skin with your fingers.

Press the skin tone. You must apply color correction before your foundation. Use color correction to release black circles or irregular skin patches under your eyes. Other color corrections apply to other problems.

Peach skin on the prostate’s goal is a patch of pink on the skin of a blue or purple hue. In dark places, orange pink hides dark bones. Olive and neutralize the yellow and black shadows of the skin. Yellow gradient yellow using lavender wrap Yellow

Add base

Start with a small amount. You do not want to look heavy, so it’s best to start with some of the basics and add them back if necessary. Put your eyes, nose and mouth between your foreheads.

Share your external base. Point to the bottom line and the neckline from the center of your face. You can mix makeup with a finger, brush or sponge. No matter what you choose, you want to use point-of-spot technology to slowly record your skin instead of taking or removing points.

Use your fingers if you want a small border. You have to wash your hands first. Brushes can also be used for light coverage. Artificial brush is the best. It is necessary to widen the base by moving it in a small circle. Please use more coverage. To prevent bacterial growth, wipe the sponge regularly.

Destroy the base. Mix your face with your face using your favorite tools. There must be no fascinating path to start or complete the foundation, and seamless integration with the ear, neck and hairline.

Close the defect. The foundation must be hidden. A small lizard causes mouth or other injury. Minimize the amount of objects in your hand and push the defects into your fingers. Use a sponge or brush to mix the hidden places.

Apply the powder settings. Please use the powder to install the entire face on the floor. It is a transparent matte powder that prevents the grease from splashing while preventing the bottom from slipping.

Choosing the best foundation

Please choose the product that suits your skin type. Before setting the foundation, it is important to know if you have a dry, oily, regular skin combination. This will determine the right bass for you. Many bases have been specially designed for different skin types.

Lightweight materials such as mousse are very beneficial for skin and skin. You can also choose oil without liquid foundation or powder. The liquid foundation created with moisturizing ingredients is ideal for dry skin. You can also choose moisturizing or basic ingredients. If you have a combination of skin, use a basic powder. This allows you to distribute more oil-absorbing cosmetics to the places, places, and places you need.

As you can see from your name, your foundation is the foundation of your makeup remnants. If you want to be able to use it as a blank canvas, choose an even base that matches your skin color. Test your jewels with many basic colors, not your hands or neck, and save them as your skin color to find colors without color. Be sure to consume the nutrients for 1 minute before the dye changes because it dries slightly.

Get the news you want. Most people can easily understand the basic basics, but be careful when you need a certain range. Go to the make-up counter at the local department store and try each version to feel comfortable and look most realistic on your skin.

Leaf powder provides the lightest coverage. Powder powder provides light coverage. Light coverage also provides a color moisturizer. The aerosol base provides a simple distance. Liquid foundation provides perfect coverage. Frost offers the highest coverage.

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